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Sep 26, 2012 5:00pm EDT
... own... unnerwater oracle.../ ttis... harbor...///paul gessler... tell us... pustt.. who-- or bill"... is. baltiiore bill is a blue crab who old bay seasoning and and &pnatuual resources say can fooecast the which way hh jumps into the harbor.on one side: a warm fall..on the other: an eerly winter.enough with the &psuspense...herr's wwat he preddcted: announcer: "aad, he's off. baatimore bill is taking off and he'ssright for the early winter, and he's gone!" &pgone!""baltimore bill" wasted no took him four seccnds to fallloff the right side of the plank-- heading this was bill's inaugural preeiction-- whiih came to mixed reviews from the kids in the crowd. 3 girl: 4.53 "more now ays, i guess." reporter: "are you happyywith that?" girl: "kinda!" pkinda!" jayla foot: ..77"i don't necessarily waat him, because predict he'' gonna do that becauue the ice caps are meltin" 3&steve vilnii, marrland dept. oo natural resources: 10.555 "the crabs know before we do what weather's going on and can sense it that it's time to get out of here and ggt to warmer water and
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1